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Polygraph Services

A professional polygraph examination often called a "lie detector test" is the best available technology and usually the only tool available to verify the truth after the fact. Law enforcement, intelligence agencies, probation and the courts are the largest single subscribers, however, more and more couples with domestic relationship or private family issues are common. Business owners use polygraph in employee theft investigations and attorneys often request a polygraph for clients with pending criminal charges. The so-called computer voice stress analyzer is a "toy" and not a polygraph and is illegal in Texas for the purpose of determining truth of a specific statement. All of our polygraph examiners are licensed professionals with years of experience and graduates of accredited schools certified by the APA (American Polygraph Association). They have additional training in court-ordered sexual offender testing as set out in the guidelines by the Joint Polygraph Committee on Offender Testing guidelines. For an appointment in the Dallas, Fort Worth or surrounding suburbs call today.

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List of Polygraph Tests

Employee Theft Polygraph

The Dallas Lie Detectors staff is well-versed in how to properly administer employee theft polygraph examinations. It is important that a business client uses a professional firm that will take the time to guide you in this procedure. This is a low profile (friendly) process with the objective of verifying the truth and reporting accurate statements to the employer. Polygraph is often one of the only venues left to clear a loyal employee. Incidents to be examined includes monetary and inventory theft, industrial sabotage, selling sales leads or theft of intellectual property. Business owners usually have more than one employee with access and for which they may have reasonable suspicion and each one will be thoroughly examined before a comprehensive written report of findings is delivered to the designated executive.

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NOTE: Employee theft cases and polygraph testing is common and usually all the targeted employees will cooperate. Employers must however follow the guidelines and provide employees with a written 48 hour notice of the examination. This cannot be waived and does not count weekends or holidays. Most examinations are administered in our professional facilities and we recommend that employees not travel together. To get started simply download the Dallas Lie Detectors Employee Polygraph Information Packet with guidelines and example forms to use. Contact us at (903) 488-5111 to discuss the details of your inquiry and to arrange appointment times.

A copy of the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 (EPPA) is available through the U.S. Department of Labor. This federal law dictates your use of the polygraph during an on-going investigation. A complete copy of the law is available at: Dallas Lie Detectors will not accept liability for providing example forms to you or for your misuse of them which might result in you violating EPPA. Violations of the Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) carry substantial fines from the Department of Labor.

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Attorney Client Requested Polygraph for Criminal Accusation

ARE YOU DOING ALL YOU CAN TO FULLY PROTECT YOUR CLIENT? The volume of information sometimes obtained from a polygraph examination could provide the critical points needed to best assist in your case. Law firms and private attorneys often call on Dallas Lie Detectors for CONFIDENTIAL polygraph examinations in pre-trial phases or civil litigation to verify truth in their client's case. This is also useful in verifying witness statements, plea negotiations or to mitigate investigative suspicions and pending criminal charges. A pre-trial polygraph examination with confidential attorney client privileged report can provide you with information and answers necessary to defend your client.

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Sex Offender Clinical Polygraph Program

Cory Bean is the director of polygraph services and works closely with treatment providers, supervising officers, child/victim advocates, or other court-appointed or legal professionals. The program goal is to provide accurate reporting that will inform decisions related to investigations, clinical treatment planning, supervision and certainly community risk-assessment. We know that polygraph testing especially when used as a triangular strategy e of treatment, supervision and monitoring will greatly improve breaking through denial which aides in on-going counseling and a reduction in the recidivist rate among participants. New clients in this program receive a discount but they must commit to three appointments.

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