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About Polygraphs

How Does a Polygraph Work?

The art and science of Polygraph has been around for several decades now and the technology continues to improve through research. Experts from many disciplines have come to respect the underlying theories, performance and "utility" of a properly administered lie detector examination (polygraph). The results are impressive if not perfect and this is why most of the intelligence agencies and nearly all police and other federal law enforcement agencies use polygraph to help screen less desirable applicants or as an investigative tool.

A professional examination should be administered in a class "A" office and lab facility (See map to Dallas Lie Detectors). A "real" examination chair along with modern computer aided software is a must. The examiners at Dallas Lie Detectors use Axciton© polygraph equipment manufactured in Houston, Texas as this is the best available software used by most intelligence and federal law enforcement agencies.

The process begins when a client calls for more information or to make an appointment. All examinations are by appointment only and should take about two hours or less.

In domestic infidelity type testing usually both parties come in and discuss the issues during the pre-test interview (same appointment). The examiner will then help them design a set of questions that address the concerns or suspicions and that work best with the polygraph. The licensed professional polygraph examiners at Dallas Lie Detectors realize that every lie detector test is important. The examiner should take the time to explain in some detail how the psychophysiological systems in the body activate the responses on the polygraph chart. This is best accomplished in person at the appointment.


Don't be distracted or fooled by some of the outlandish claims, silly countermeasures and wrong information available on the Internet. Most of these writers are disgruntled about failing an exam or just "wish" the polygraph didn't work so well. A professional examiner is knowledgeable about these articles and is trained to recognize any attempt to unduly influence the results of the test.

In Texas only a state licensed Polygraph Examiner can represent as one that may offer a professional opinion as to truth verification/lie detection in deception or no- deception indicated. The only instrument authorized for this purpose is the polygraph. A so-called voice stress analyzer or CVSA "machine" is a "toy" and does not work and is not legal for these purposes in Texas.

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